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​25+ years in the magazine publishing, marketing collateral, packaging design industries 

- about your company and your services

- more detail about your company

what services you provide

- story of how you came up with the idea for your business

- what makes you different from your competitors.

- make your company stand out 

- show your visitors who you are


• work one on one

• personal attention to your needs

• advise you on best marketing tools for your project

• can source economical printing vendors

• concept, development, design, production

• copywriting, editiing, proofreading

• photo retouching, correction

• illustration & photography

• stretch your budget with pieces that serve multiple functions

• complimentary assessement of current items

• personable, friendly, honest, quick turnaround, communicative

• welcomes collaboration, input, ideas

Filling a space in a beautful way — that is what art means to me.

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