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City of Fall River, MA

A call for entries for the redesign of this 350 year old, industrial, New England city was advertised via social media and various news outlets. The guidelines specified that the logo should reflect the history, culture, geography, and regional characteristics of the City of Fall River. Entrants were also asked to relate their ties to the city and the concept behind their design. 

Although I had only recently moved to a neighboring town, through extensive research, and my personal family history,

I knew that the former textile mills, most of which are now shuttered, were the heart of the city's identity. Fall River's other main landmark is an expansive bridge that connects a river and a bay and form the port of entry.

From 227 entries, 6 final designs were selected, and the pubic was invited to vote for their favorite. After tallying up over 6000 votes, the mayor announced that I had the winning design!

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